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Our technology partners

Always at the cutting edge of new technologies, we offer our customers the possibility to integrate new solutions that can be major advantages to enrich the experience of our IWS solution users.

Website : https://www.timcod.fr/

Timcod offers equipment integrating RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology from printing/encoding to reading to allow you to remotely identify and read tags identifying objects or people. The data can then be processed by the company's information system.


Timcod also assists in the implementation of a traceability and identification solution by RFID or barcode: from printing/encoding to the reading of tags identifying objects or people. The data can then be processed by the company's information system.  


In addition to their business expertise, TIMCOD offers ruggedized terminals for :


  • Management of the RFID assets
  • Management of 1D or QR Code barcode assets
  • Terminals with touch screen
  • Use of IWS on the move
objects or persons that will be processed by the information system of your company.


In addition to their business expertise, TIMCOD offers ruggedized terminals for :


  • Management of the RFID assets
  • Management of 1D or QR Code barcode assets
  • Terminals with touch screen
  • Use of IWS on the move
Website : https://www.tranquil.it/gerer-parc-informatique/decouvrir-wapt/

WAPT assists you from the creation of packages to the deployment of software and configurations. Its centralized management console allows you to remotely and silently reach your entire asset. Numerous features allow you to manage your IT assets in just a few clicks !

WAPT is the software deployment and asset management solution for Windows. The numerous options of the centralized management console allow you to automate the administration of your IT assets with confidence. Thus, you can quickly install, update or uninstall your software and configurations, while benefiting from a reliable and real-time feedback on the progress of all your actions.

The security visa issued by Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (ANSSI; English: French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems) guarantees the reliability and robustness of the software in terms of security since version 1.5.

The integration of WAPT with IWS allows not only a remote distribution ordered by IWS but also a feedback of the asset in IWS.

Website : https://www.edicad.com/
EDICAD is a software publisher specialized in the development of CAD/CAM solutions, surveys, quotes and measurements, offering a real alternative to international publishers.
This company is as essential as it is crucial in the construction industry, from the design of projects (new, rehabilitation, restoration) to the completion of all types of work: grading work, structural work, carpentry, roofing, carpentry, plastering, electricity, plumbing, floor and wall coverings, etc.
EDICAD provides building professionals with an attentive listening to their needs and a customized support in their activity, from pre-sales consulting to team training and remote maintenance. The interaction with IWS makes it possible in particular to :
  • View buildings in 3D in IWS
  • View objects in real time in buildings, rooms, offices
  • Directly link the status information (provided by IWS) on the object
  • Creating and tracking maintenance files, incidents, service requests directly in IWS
For several years, we have chosen OVH, the French leader in hosting, as the provider of the SaaS infrastructure offered to our customers.

With the objective of an optimal and secure quality of service, OVH provides its hosting know-how and ISILOG administers the infrastructure independently.

A unique, French and sustainable partnership between OVH and ISILOG to serve our customers.

BONUS : the storage of our customers data is 100% in France, between Roubaix and Strasbourg.


Our partnership is based on a contractual commitment to localize data on French territory. Thus, no data of our customers can be subjected to requisitions from foreign authorities.

As a guarantee, OVH holds several certifications such as ISO 27001 for information security, SOC 1 TYPE II and SOC 2 TYPE II attestations, CSA cloud security alliance and HDS approval for the health sector.

For its Private Cloud infrastructure and products, OVH has also received numerous awards from VMware, the leader in virtualization software and technology.

A GREEN-IT approach : OVH uses alternative energy sources by powering its data centers with a wind farm.

The Chatbot assistant integrated in IWS for your users.
Discover the intelligent Wikit assistant that digitizes your IT support by connecting to IWS and simply reinforces your technical teams !


Password management

Creation/monitoring of service requests

Creation/monitoring of incidents

Wikit, un partenaire
Increase your co-workers' capabilities, productivity and well-being through automation and artificial intelligence. Based on the IBM Watson artificial intelligence engine, the Wikit technology platform brings together all the elements needed to build a virtual assistant that is as close as possible to the expectations of your users. Wikit is trained in the support business and provides a natural language exchange with its interlocutors. Wikit offers connectors with most messaging software (skypeI, Teams, Google, ...) and acts as a new channel of exchange between IWS and every one of your users.
Wikit is interfaced as standard with the IWS solution :
  • Interconnection with the IWS knowledge base to answer the users' questions
  • IWS service interruption management for users' information
  • Creation / consultation of IWS tickets and incidents
  • Creation / consultation of IWS service requests



Complete your IWS solution with ISILOG group's Quality application : NORMEA.

Ideal for all types of organizations, it allows the management of all Quality references and business references such as ITIL.
This cutting-edge solution is composed of 6 main functions that share a common base : Documentary Management, Continuous Improvement, Steering Indicators, Audits and Evaluations, and Magazines Management.

Indicateur de pilotage, portail utilisateur, Gestion des revues, amélioration continue, gestion documentaire, audits et évaluations




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